2018. 09. 17. - MONDAY

Thai curry soup with chicken
Sushi, nigiri: Shiitake mushroom, omelette, salmon (1-1 pcs)
Kalbi sweet potato with vegetables and chicken
Oi kimchi
Mochi 2 pcs
2018. 09. 18. - TUESDAY
Sukiyaki soup with chicken
Sushi: 2 momo big maki rolls
Japanese curry karaageval
Cabbage salad with salad dressing
Fried chocolate ball 2pcs

2018. 09. 19. - WEDNESDAY 

Keng Om soup with prawns
Sushi, nigiri: Smoke. salmon, asparagus (1-1 pcs)
Broccoli, egg rice with confit bbq ribs
Chocolate Spring Roll

2018. 09. 20. - THURSDAY

Mango soup with mango cubes
Sushi, maki: Tuna cucumber, smoked salmon coriander (2-2 pieces)
Pad Thai noodles with chicken and prawns
Fruit picking
Mochi ice cream 2 pcs

2018. 09. 21. - Friday

Miso soup with seafood
Sake don
Fresh mixed salad with avocado
Fruit picking
Cottage cheese ball in almonds

The price for the Bussines lunch: 2.190 Ft.