2019. 03. 18. - MONDAY

Ramen soup with pork
Sushi: Hamachi nigiri
Fried rice wth basil, vegetables and prawn selection
Edamam beans
Fried sesame ball

2019. 03. 19. - TUESDAY

Miso soup
Sushi: Yamato 4 big maki rolls
Thai beef stew with rice
Fruit mix
Chcolate sticks

2019. 03. 20. - WENDESDAY

Banana soup
Sushi: Mori big maki rolls
Khao man gai yang
Soybean sprouts salad
Cottage cheeseball in almonds

2019. 03. 21. - THURSDAY

Thai curry with prawns
Sushi: avocado gunkan, cucumber maki
Japanese curry with panko chicken
Cabbage saald with goma dressing
Belgian chocolate cake
2019. 03. 22. - FRIDAY
Sukiyaki soup with chicken
Sushi: Teriyaki chicken gunkan
Kabi ribs with egy rice
Korean sweet potato salad
Chruncy chocolate biscuit with coconut mousse

The price for the Bussines lunch: 2.190 Ft.