2018. 12. 10. - MONDAY

Khao Soi soup
Sushi: Salmon quinoa don
Pad thai rice with chicken
Edamame beans
2018. 12. 11. - TUESDAY
Thai curry soup with shrimps
Sushi: Akasaka big maki rolls
Bulgogi with rice
Fig salad with goat cheese
Cottage cheeseball in almonds

2018. 12. 12. - WEDNESDAY 

Miso soup with seafood
Sushi: Nobashi ebi nigiri, salmon maki
Pad prik kaeng chicken
Soybean sprouts salad

2018. 12. 13. - THURSDAY

Sukiyaki soup with chicken
Sushi,maki:  sirlion with radish sprouts
Asian bbq ribs with eggy rice
Crunchy tortilla with mango sauce

2018. 12. 14. - Friday

Pho Bo soup
Sushi: avocado, edamame gunkan
Glass noodles with vegetables and chicken with prawns
Oi kimchi
The price for the Bussines lunch: 2.190 Ft.