2019. 10.14. - MONDAY

Miso soup with seafood
Sushi: Osinko nigiri, tofu maki
Fried rice with egg, broccoli and chicken in ginger crunch
Oi kimchi
Banana with chocolate

2019. 10. 15. - TUESDAY

Thai Laksa soup with Chicken
Sushi, nigiri: Aspargus, sugar pee
Spicy potato rounds with prawn sticks
Wakame salad
Sweet Cottage Cheese balls

2019. 10. 16. - WENDESDAY

Khao Soi Soup
Sushi: Budapest Big Roll
Sukiyaki fried rice with vegetabels and prawns
Fruit selection

2019. 10. 17. - THURSDAY

Coconut soup with tapioka

Sushi: salmon nigiri
Wok stired vegetables with Chicken medallions

2019. 10. 18. - FRIDAY

Pho Bo soup
Sushi: Sio big maki rolls
Pad kee mao beef with rice
Korean sweet potato salad
Fried chocolate balls