2020.02.24.  - Monday

Pho bo soup, Wasabi Roll 2pcs

Pad Ke Mao with Chicken and sproud salad

Crunchy Mango tortilla roll

2020.02.25- Tuesday

Sukiyaki Soup, Tuna and Salmon Nigiri

Pad Thai ricenoodle with Beef, Oi kimchi

Coconut balls

2020.02.26 - Wednesday

Thai soup with prawns, Karagee Rolls

Mushroom Quinoa with Chicken and Kaktugi

Belgian Chocolate Cake

2020.02.27 Thursday

Miso soup, Budapest rolls, Green Asparagus nigiri

Thai Beef Stew with white rice and mixed salad

Mango passion cake

2020.02.28 Friday

Ramen soup with pork, Shio Rolls 2pcs

Butadon and Potatoe Chips and Kimchi