2018. 04. 23. - MONDAY

Mango soup with mango cubes
Sushi: California new style
Basil rice with vegetables and crunchy prawns
Coconut ball
2018. 04. 24. - TUESDAY
Keng Om soup with chicken
Sushi: Teriyaki salmon Gunkan
Porcini ragout with grilled salmon slices and sesamed rice
Soybean sprouts salad
Cottage cheeseball in almonds

2018. 04. 25. - WEDNESDAY 

Thai curry soup with shrimps
Sushi, maki: Tamago, avocado, asparagus
Eggy noodles with vegetables and chicken coins
Mixed salad
Mochi ice cream
2018. 04. 26. - THURSDAY
Sukiyaki soup with chicken
Sushi, nigiri: Salmon, tuna
Chillied rice with vegetables and tigerprawn stick
Or kimchi
Chocolate biscuits with coconut foam

2018. 04. 27. - Friday

Coconut milk soup with tapioca
Sushi: Philadelphia big maki roll
Japanese curry with panko chicken and sesamed rice
The price for the Bussines lunch: 2.190 Ft.